Our Programs

Our Programs

We offer several programs, and each program is designed to meet the developmental needs of the children.

Toddler Program: The Busy Bees – 24-36 months

The Toddler Program is open to children 24-36 months old. This program is staffed with a 6:1 student-teacher ratio. Regular reports are available, reporting on the child’s eating, sleeping and potty experiences of the day, as well as other pertinent information.

This program currently is using the Itty Bitty Bookworm curriculum for 2’s which you can preview at www.ittybittybookworm.com.

Preschool Programs: Caterpillars (3 yrs) and Butterflies (4 yr/PreK)

These classrooms maintain a maximum 10:1 student-teacher ratio. The day is divided into circle time, free play, structured group activities, outside play, meals and rest time. A daily schedule is followed and posted on the classroom’s parent bulletin board. An orientation to the schedule and curriculum occurs at the Back to School Night Program.

Each day the children have the opportunity to explore areas of the classroom, play with peers, interact with adults, listen to stories, share, and learn. Children regularly participate in special activities such as arts and crafts, field trips, community outreach projects, music, library time and chapel.

The curriculum used is The Investigator Club, which is State-approved and aligns with the core curriculum for school readiness in the State of Maryland. Teachers are encouraged to use their own creativity in preparing and presenting the curriculum content.

Weekly lesson plans are prepared, a copy of which is posted on the parent board. The plan includes age-appropriate, domain-based activities that are reflective of the children’s interests and skills. The plan provides for the developmental differences of each child including as well as the cultural diversity within the class. The plan also reflects the use of technology within the content area. We also use information gained from families about their children and information from IFSPs and IEPs when provided.

School Age Program (Kindergarten – 12 years old)

Kindergarten through 6th grade students enroll in the School-Age program for Before and After School. Only fulltime care is provided. Projects, games, homework support, music, outdoors activities, and sports are offered. A snack is provided. Devotions and prayer are shared daily. Field trips and community service projects are also an important part of the school-age curriculum. A Christmas program is presented to the entire school. Scotchtown Hills is the primary school we support as it provides bus service to and from the Elementary School. Our bus is available to drop off/pick up children from Bond Mill, CMIT, and St. Mary’s Elementary Schools.

TRINITY KAMPERS: School Age Summer Program

The School-Age Summer Camp is a recreational program with many field trips, including bowling, skating, swimming, and movies. Other activities include arts and crafts and sports. Each week of the summer has a specific theme, and outings and activities are developed for each week accordingly. Each week is a stand-alone session with fees to be paid in full prior to the first day of the session. Registration begins in the spring.